To be a state-of-art regional and international role model for Commercial and Communications Accelerator (CCA).


Support vc’s, incubators and accelerators as well as entrepreneurs and leaders "SME, Start-up, Seed and Growth Investments” by delivering the most up-to-date and efficient commercial and communications knowledge and strategies to grow their business on local, regional and international bases in the fields of “Technology, Digital Platforms, IT Applications, Media, Entertainments and Others Innovative Idea's”.


Develop and manage beneficial relationships with commercial business customers through a set of retention and growth activities.

Build and maintain an internal and external profile to originate new business opportunities, products market fit and sustain revenue growth within a customers portfolio.

Provide diversified techniques and tools to identify customers, markets business needs and provide appropriate commercial and communications solutions that support customers acquisition process.

Deliver in-depth knowledge of brand assessments, market research, demand creation, benchmarking, R&D, business developments strategies as well as access to qualified experts and network.


  • Strategic Commercial & Business Development Tactics.
  • Strategic Communications and Demand Creations.
  • Innovative Communications Tools and Channels.
  • Benchmarking with Research and Development.


  • Innovation Café
  • Brand Assessment
  • Advisory Committee
  • Resources and Network

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