To become an international media solutions provider serve & satisfy the Middle East and Europe with global strategic business partners.

To deliver flexible high quality media solutions packages, tailored to fit our client’s business needs, in the midst of a highly competitive global market MSG is also keen on developing solid joint venture partnerships, offering our partners access and opportunities in the GCC & Africa markets.

Historical Growth:
Formed in 1999, Media Solutions Group (MSG Group) has managed to transform itself from a new face in the market, to an established media solutions provider in the GCC and Africa. With a vision to utilize Egypt’s (MSG Development Center) surging growth rates in the sector and its abundance of skilled professionals, our founder selected Emirates as a base for regional/ corporate operations. Within a framework of long-term business relationships, MSG continues to advance its position in GCC nations, as a premiere media solutions provider. With a focus on business-to-business operations, our portfolio attests to the caliber of our delivery.

Executive Team:
MSG is a flat & transparent organization. All of its members collaborates together, act as one team, believing in the same vision, and share information together. MSG team works together to provide different perspective and creative ideas concerning our client’s projects.

Our executive team continually strives to drive MSG forward and deliver real business value to our clients while also dedicating themselves to effectively increase shareholder value.

About Us