Help our customers to focus on their core business and outsource IMC services to a reliable partner to execute their marketing strategy with international quality standards and high return on investment.

Media Productions:
MSG Group delivers all type of media productions “i.e. ATL and BTL” materials:

MSG creates and develops a wide variety of virtual multimedia solutions. Our attractive multimedia solutions are often a critical part of any organization. Our role is to create attractive multimedia company profile or develop it.

MSG possesses the technical knowledge and design experts to provide its clients with effective websites that integrate with their brand identity.

MSG offers its clients a wide range of audiovisual solutions through utilizing the latest production facilities, software and video editing equipments to create documentaries films communicate and influence target audiences.

We offer a wide range of quality products at a very competitive price such as: Story Board, Channel branding, Commercial solutions, TV program theme & concept.

Our professionals and effective video solutions transmit the exact message of our clients to their target audience.

MSG talented expert's team utilizes state of art graphics, 2D & 3D animation to create effective business solutions for their clients. Our attractive Character Animation solutions to Educate, Inform and Persuade their target audience.

Event Solutions:
MSG Group achieved big success stories in managing unforgettable events like launching new companies, re-launching existing companies, celebrating company's anniversaries or award ceremonies.

Our experience, track records and attention to details enable us to organize and plan event solutions correctly and efficiently.

Event Solutions includes a wide range of important arrangements such as:
Event Planning & Scenario Creation
Event theme & format.
Venue Analysis, Location Selection and Contracting
Budget Development and Management
Creating the event Theme & Concept
Decoration Design & Execution
Publications and Printed Material
Latest Technologies to be used during the event
Technical Production: Lighting, Staging, Audio, and Video equipments
Musical Entertainment Contracting and Management
Arranging air craft and ground handling with VIP treatment
Hospitality coordination services
Team building activities
Corporate Social Responsibilities - CSR
Sponsor analysis with Sponsor packages
Logistics, Administrations and Evaluations
Hosting and leading different types of events
Exhibitions solutions
Retail solutions

Branding Solutions:
The brand is the foundation of any successful business. It embodies and communicates all information related to the company.

MSG Group develops for its clients' effective branding strategy that manifests the soul of their company into words and vision through all means.

We begin the branding process by examining our clients marketing goals, target customers and budget, we fully immerse ourselves into our clients business to understand everything about their company and to know their strategy, demographics, motivations and target audiences needs.

MSG Group can create the packaging design of the product, the catalogue, the brochures and all other printed materials distributed to advertise the brand. In addition we can also provide our clients with the interior design of their shops if they are in retail business to complete the integrated branding solution.

MSG Group innovate effective brand strategy enables its clients to stand from the crowd and achieve measurable results in term of sales revenue, market share, awareness and customer loyalty, we can incorporate our brand strategy with our media and marketing services to deliver impactful and integrated media solutions acheving our clients gools and objectives.

Consultancy Services:
MSG is also keen on developing solid joint venture partnerships, offering our partners access and opportunities in the GCC & Africa markets.